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Amazing Nespresso Capsule Holders

  • Capsule Slide - The sexy new Magnetic Pod Holder for your Fridge
  • CapsuleVase - Ornamental Capsule & POD Storage Vase - Nespresso
  • CapsuleKong - Wall Mounted display for Nespresso Capsules
Nespresso Donkey Kong Wall-mount Pod Holder
$295.00 CapsuleKong
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Nespresso Magnetic Fridge pod holder
from $35.00 CapsuleSlide
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CapsuleVase for Nespresso Coffee
$55.00 CapsuleVase
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Abacus wall-mount with MAP Capsules
$120.00 Abacus40 - for ALDI, MAP, Lavazza, Caffitaly Pods
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Nespresso Abacus Wall-mount by Hologramer
$120.00 - Sold Out CapsuleAbacus
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Abacus21 - Fridge Mount for ALDI, Lavazza, MAP, Caffitaly Systems
$49.00 - Sold Out Abacus21 - Magnetic Fridge Mount
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