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Nespresso Donkey Kong Wall-mount Pod Holder
Nespresso Donkey Kong Wall-mount Pod Holder CapsuleKong CapsuleKong CapsuleKong CapsuleKong CapsuleKong


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CapsuleKong is a wall mounted display for Nespresso® Pods, inspired by the Arcade classic Donkey Kong. Through countless design revisions and prototypes we finally achieved the perfect spacing and angles to enable the Pods to elegantly roll down the levels from top to bottom.

The design references the original game level and features beautiful scale cut-outs of the game characters, right down to a flaming barrel of Coffee that functions as the Capsule exit...

Kong is produced in gorgeous Anodised Aluminium and stocks exactly 50 Capsules - including the double-barrel shot slot to keep two favourites on hand for quick access anytime.

Included in the box are instructions and fixings for mounting to your wall.

Size (mm): 440h x 360w x 10d

Category: Nespresso

Type: Nespresso Wall

Vendor: Hologramer

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